Have a beautiful​ Saturday everyone!



Wow! Friday, what are you doing today?

Busy day for me today – where I thought I would take my time – today being off, became a busy day.

Today was painting day for the rec-room downstairs. Now it’s turned out that between coats – I have to work on the manuscript, having the plumber coming over for a leak, a new girl coming over this afternoon for Molly, – I was hoping I could go watch my nephew games of hockey, but that is out the door.  I hadn’t realized I had an appointment at 5:15 today that I took 2 months ago.

Well, maybe it would have been easier going to work….LOL.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday



This process is long…. but I’m taking my time.

Well, finished reviewing 5 more chapters.  It’s long but well worth it. When rereading it after the copy edit was done, I can see it clearly now. Besides the tweaks here and there it’s coming along.  Some phrase I question myself on them and try to make it better.

So I’m at Chapter Twenty now.. still 17 more to go. eekkk… I guess I would have it done if I didn’t have a day job… huh.. oh well.

Billionaire’s Forgiveness.. coming soon



Tuesday Teaser

Megan held his hand and raised it to her cheeks, feeling his warmth on her face. She closed her eyes and held her breath, saying a silent prayer.  She kissed the inside of his palm and lingered, her warm lips on his hand, breathing in his scent.  Four long, excruciating days since that tragic cold winter day at the cabin. Megan couldn’t remember when she had slept last, knowing if she tried the nightmare would come again.  Feeling his hand on her face and holding it in place, she held back tears. If she let them fall, she feared the man she loved would never wake up. She needed to believe he would pull through, would come back to her, because Max Pierce cannot die. She found it funny how six months ago, she was the one fighting for her life. He never gave up on her.

Billionaire's Forgiveness

Well done for tonight,

I feel, that Editing was not the best on this one, I paid for complex copy editing, Still, a lot of errors and I’m not even an Editor.  With the help of Grammarly, I”m fixing it.

it does look a little better, but as I read on, I see a phrase that doesn’t make sense is that normal.  – anyway, just a few more days and I should have it finished for formatting.  My Aunt is doing the final read.

night all


Darn, ​already Sunday?

  • this weekend was supposed to be a productive weekend? did it happen? NOT!
  • I was supposed to finished review my Editing did I at least get it half done? NOPE!
  • so you ask why? well – Saturday running around for errands, finding paint, and other things.
  • This morning I wanted to get up and go at it – but choirs need to be done – cleaning house – it’s noon and I’m just now sitting down looking at it – hopefully I can get lots done this afternoon – I’m staying on this computer until I go blind and cannot see anything.
  • hope you all have an amazing day… CHEERS…
  • CnA_cWiWcAENJrj
  • we should vote for 3 day weekend… what do you think?


Friday night… Well goal is to finishing reviewing Book 2

hi all – due to loss of power last week I lost all the work I did last weekend I mean 15 Chapters.. that was a lot of work to review.  But I did the one that you should always do… SAVE THE WORK YOU DO…. so I’ve been working all this week working all the chapters again and I’m only at Chapter 9. So I’m hoping to make some head waive this weekend.

So I hope you are all having a good Friday night, shutting her down now. So have a good night… sleep tight.. till tomorrow.  This is me right now. I cannot see the screen any longer.