update Billionaire’s Forgiveness

I’ve finished another chapter last night, working hard on this once again – it’s all about word count right now – where I can removed with losing the story I’ve created . My goal is 90000 words. Original 133000 down to 125000 right now . So stay tune. Little snippet from book one.


Hi all. working hard this time, it’s a long process.


It’s getting done, 3 more chapters done, some I really had to think about it. I have to cut down the word count to 90000 right now I’m at 125000 – from 13300 so still have ways to go but getting there.  (Billionaire’s Forgiveness) I promise to come soon.

wow didn’t realize​ I didn’t post anything yesterday

Well, it’s Thursday working still on Billionaire’s Forgiveness I’m still not sure how I want to twist this Story. I just do not want everyone to get bored with it, I want excitement, I want suspense still yes but most of all I want Max love for Megan and hers for Max to overpower everything that life throughs their way. I just hope I can make it the best it’s going to be.

Happy Thursday all


A productive​ day I think.

Today — had to take a break get out of the house, at first I wanted to take a nature tour whale watching, but it was foggy. I knew that I should have gone just the same because that would be the best to see them I think.

Instead, I decided to spend the afternoon with a Josh and Mark, yup, went to see the Transformers last movie. Love it by the way. I really enjoy this series. Especially the ride at Universal, which was my favorite by the way.

Now, well working again on Billionaire’s Forgiveness. whole new focus on it and I’m hoping that I can at least finish half of it this week. – Yes, it’s written but Chapters are changing, my focus is changing and deleting stuff that is not needed. I guess in a way I would hope that I can give everyone a good story in the end. So thank you all for being patient.