Back to work

Well all good thing must end. Heading back to work today wish I could stay home rest of the week. Happy Wednesday all


Good Morning Monday

Well, today I have off, and tomorrow – so my main goal today is to focus on getting Billionaire’s Mistake ready for the next step.

With the Event pass me now, and thanks again to all the wonderful people at Dartmouth Book Exchange for letting me do it and for Snap Dartmouth for coming and giving me the spotlight.

Today will be working around the house, finishing up the garden I hope in front if not tomorrow but my main focus is the novella.  So have fun people enjoy your Monday.

I’m also reading Liliana Hart  Addison Holmes series Gunpowder just came out so will be doing that also.



Thank you

First, I would like to thank Amy and Sue for all their hard word for making this day possible.  I didn’t know how this day would play out, but I’ve met new people and some close friend stop by also, which you guys rock. thank you, thank you thank you for supporting me on this journey.

Denise Seward, thank you for being with me today keeping me company, your friendship means so much to me.  I hope you like your new hat.

to all my friends sending me good wishes and cheering me on thank you.

Congrats to the winner of the Gift Basket,  Sue will have all the details in Store.



Good Morning Saturday

Good morning all are you ready for today – I’m a little nervous- but good.

Today at 13:00-16:00 I will be at the Dartmouth Book Exchange – in Cole Harbour.  The address is 1187-A Cole Harbour Rd.


Tuesday night

Hi all – wow I cannot believe I didn’t post anything today but here it goes.

In just a few days on Saturday, August 11,2018 I will be at the Dartmouth Book Exchange for Book Signing. So if you are in the area please stop by and see me the address is 1187-A Cole Harbour Road, Cole Harbour, just pass Forest Hill Blvd if you pass the Irving Gas on your left you have gone too far.

What is everyone doing tonight enjoying the heat we are having, it’s awesome, isn’t it?

Still reading over Billionaire’s Mistake, the more I read it the more I’m enjoying this novella, this is for all of you.

TOMORROW is my sister’s birthday so I wanted to make sure I get this out there also. Happy Birthday, Nancy.




Happy Natal​ Day Canada.

Enjoy your day off, I’m heading to work but the great news is that next week I have two day’s off to relax and have fun.  What a great day to read a book have you meet Max Pierce yet?  Find him in Billionaire’s Love and Billionaire’s Forgiveness.

billionaire's forgiveness