Happy Wednesday all, another little teaser.

The beeping of the monitors echoing in the distance, as the air was forced into him. You sacrifice every day to protect the people you love.  You never know what life will throw your way, knowing for just one moment the most precious person you love is fighting for his life.  She had to remember the good things and times and focus on that.



Fact, this happen this morning scared me too.

This is the second time that this has ever happened to me.  I’ve been driving in snowing conditions for a long time.  Halifax received its 1st real snowfall during the night… Born and raised in Quebec I’m used to snow! right!  Drove through storms not knowing if I would make it, icy conditions.  This morning though, just wow… yup… wow.  I was just following the others on the highway and hit a patch of black ice,  the next thing I knew I was sliding, Yup… I was telling myself oh God, I’m going to go in the ditch and damage Derek Jeep… shit that cannot happen, because I would never hear the end of it. Anyway  I guess my instinct took over and I was going to the left, then right, then left again.  All I was saying to myself don’t go in the damn ditch;  you can do this.. get her straight and easy up, no fucking braking.. yup that is what I was telling myself…  I had it on four-wheel drive and I think that might have help.  So I was relieved when I finally right myself and keep going.  It was the Scarest 10 second  I had this morning, and I was happy that I was driving the Jeep and didn’t hit anyone else.  I was damn freaking lucky, someone was watching over me this morning for sure. Thank you, God, that is all I’m saying.


Morning all, have a wonderful day, just a little teaser today.

Megan looked at his face and sighed, she couldn’t cry… not yet anyway! She had to believe that everything will be okay. She wasn’t sure if her prayers would be answered, she could only hope he will pull through. It’s funny how life changed in a blink of an eye.   Six Months ago she fell in love with the man that haunted her dreams for three long years.



Was under the weather, but feeling better now.

HI all,

I’VE BEEN feeling under the weather this last week, so I haven’s been on my computer.  Finally feeling better, even though I still have a slight cough I’m feeling much better.

What is new, well I finished Billionaire’s Forgiveness, and now into Editing, with Friesen Press, I was hoping to find someone that would work with me and I”m not giving up on that.  So I”m still searching   Genre; Romance of course, so if anyone knows or can refer an Editor, please let me know.

I want to publish Billionaire’s Mistake soon after Billionaire’s Forgiveness, without going through Friesen Press. I want to do this on my own, I know I can do this, but I will need help, I have someone in mind that will help me I think. Well, I hope she will.

Does anyone use Grammarly, to help with their editing.? Would like to know?

So thank you for hanging in there and being patient with me, this year is a year that will shine or hope that I can prove to myself that  I can do it.

Reading? what is everyone Reading right now; Myself I’m reading the Maya Banks Enforces Series… and let us say that I’ve been crying my freaking eyes out on this series.  Its so good, and warming, and touching, and mistakes can be made by anyone, and forgiveness is the biggest problems sometimes and a relationship.  So if anyone has read this Series it’s well worth it. 1st book is Mastered, 2nd Dominate and 3rd Freed that is what I’m reading now.

Billionaire’s Forgiveness -should be out in the spring, well I’m hoping anyway, maybe March.. so will keep everyone posted.




Good morning. this was so,​ me last night


Morning all, morning came fast this today, but I’m up and ready to go, but I wonder what time will I crash today… Anyone feel this way when reading in bed


At Last … done…Billionaire’s Forgiveness re-write


When I first started this story, I know Max and Megan, was a big book, so I had to split it up. From the moment I wrote it in 2013.. the 1st book came out in 2016. I cannot believe it been over a year…  The problem was I wanted to finish their story in two books… After the final re-write 4th which I might add. I believe it’s ready… I had to cut this storyline down from 134000 words to at least 90000 words.. and I have done that now.  My Aunt is doing some proofreading for me, just to make sure that  I’m staying with the storyline and fixing few errors along the way… I was hoping to get it out last night but decided to take the weekend for minor adjustments, to make sure that is what I want in the story, and to give an excerpt from Billionaire’s Rescue… Brandon Story.  Now I have to find it on the flash drive. minor details right. anyway, it’s done… woohoo.

oh, I’m still looking for EDITOR TO work directly with me… if anyone knows anyone.





Today the day, with power lost last night, lost time. Have to finish this book today… oh man.. this is getting good now. I love what I did on the re-write. Thanks to my Aunt who has been inspiring me on every chapter.


OMG… I’ve written 6 chapters or should I say re-write 6 Chapters. I’m getting too the good part now.

I have two more day’s left to go. I need to submit this by Friday so yeah I’m on a roll.  My Aunt is reading each chapter as I go along, and she loved it. that is all that matters.

I”m hoping tomorrow I can get Seven chapters done, which means come Friday I have only the ending to finish…