Billionaire lot love…

We were being followed but as the vehicle skidded through the three lanes of snow and black ice, we needed to get off the this damn highway. Megan couldn’t scream her throat was dry her lungs are burning from lack of oxygen. As the Range Rover, slides from side to sides, the hummer finally brakes in from of the forcing them to stop. Someone was out to get them, she didn’t want to die this way, but reality is that fate may have other ideas…. But Max swerve around the hummer which we barely miss crashing into, I hear Lizzie scream but I can’t I won’t, this is not real, but SUV loses control and we go into a tail spin we do a three sixty, I still cannot scream I close my eyes but I feel it , we are spinning out of control not once , not twice but I feel it…bracing myself for impact… Not knowing what will happen she knew that this will not end well…

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