Billionaire’s Love

Hi all, just a small update, yes, the books Paperback and Hardcopy’s are on there way. Those who have already purchase Ebook.. I thank you for supporting me, I truly appreciate it. Don’t forget if you read it, I want feedback, it’s important to me.

Share it, like it, you may have a chance to win an autograph copy, when I receive my official books, which should be soon… Yippy… anyway getting carried away again.

Here is a question; is it wrong to ask a famous Author if she would plug my book.. I felt like asking Melody Anne, J. Kenner, H.M. Ward or Bella Andre. But I’m sure there must have some kind of regulations somewhere.   These are amazing Ladies if you ever have a chance to read one of their books I recommend it.. they are awesome. These are just a few that I love to read. There is more and the list goes on and on… yes I’m plugging them because they ROCK!

Everyone has a story to tell. When I created Max and Megan, to be honest I didn’t know where I was going with it, until one night I knew the ending before I knew the beginning.   This book is my first and if this goes well who knows what else I have waiting for you all.

Still waiting for my promotional team Lauren to email me from Friesen Press, I cannot wait for her input.

I should have my website up soon and I will be able to plug snippets.. LOL..

Ebook : Itunes/Nook/Googleplay/Amazonkindle and of course Through Friesen press direct.  ALL can be purchase.. hard copy and paperback through Friesen Press and Amazon.. I Believe Chapter also.. I have to check

Billionaire’s Love by Brenda Pearson

Anyway thanks for putting up with me. your word is important your feedback is important, you guys decide if this book is good. I’ve done my job, it’s up to everyone out there if you like it or not.

i’ve seen it also on Goodread.. damn I’m on Goodread.. do you believe it .. Holy Shit.. this is awesome… ok getting carried away again.. Night all..

oh remember pass it on, if romance is not your thing send it to someone that love romance novels..






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