Billionaire’s Love

I’m humble to know that many of my friends and Family have and people I do not know purchased, Ebook, Hardcopy and paperback are coming I promise.

Thank you to my sister, Great job Nan, you sure know how to sell my dream, better than I. This whole new world of marketing, on selling product, my story, my brand is new to me. I know I have more to learn, and I want to make this work. I have so many great stories to share with everyone but it always start with one.

I reach out to a awesome, amazing Author today to see if she would plug my book. I love her work and having someone like her considerate even to say yes would be amazing. But I know I can only hope.

I still have lots to learn about publishing, but it all comes down to you, the public if this will work, the fan. Yes you all it’s up to you if this will be a success because if you like it, then you refer it to a friend, a co-worker, family which makes me want to write more.

Write a review, it’s important.  Good or not,  rate it, tell me where my strong point are, my weakness. if the story flows right. all this is important. you do not have to leave your name.



just a little teaser!

Max hadn’t realized that he was going to be sitting with the Harrisons, but he was more than happy to comply. What were the odds of him being at the same table as his beautiful angel? They walked through the crowd of people and that is when he saw her; her beauty did not compare to the women he had known before. She had transformed into this sensual goddess right in front of his eyes. She was curvaceous in her sexy red dress, and her auburn hair hung loosely over her shoulders. She had the power to bring any man to his knees. He had to make this right if he ever wanted to have another chance with her. If only he could turn back time and explain to her why he had run, but he knew that no excuse would be good enough for her. His ultimate goal was to win her back. But he needed to keep his cool because he didn’t know what her reaction would be. All he wanted to do was to haul her over his shoulder and lock her up until she accepted his apology.

Good night all..


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