Billionaire’s Love

HI all… Billionaire’s Love  Winner last week.. Congrats to Marie Chantal Cloutier and Kay Forbes.. for Winning autograh copy..

Three years ago when I wrote Billionaire’s Love, I knew one day I wanted to have it published. This was my dream I never wanted something so bad and I believed that I would do it. Nothing is free these day but I made it happen. We go through life not knowing what our purpose is, I hope that I found mine, I have so many stories to share but it always starts with one. When you are Self-Publishing, you have no clue where this will go but hope for the best.  So this is what I have decided, I want to make a difference.

Many women and men, get diagnosed with Cancer each year, each day even.  This effect everyone: Could be your sister, your friend, your Aunt, your Uncle, Mom or Dad, Cousin or husband, boyfriend it could be anyone.  Cancer victims are growing every year so why can we not find a diagnose for this horrible demon that grown inside of someone.  I Brenda Pearson, Author of Billionaire’s Love, will donate $1.. for every book sold. September is Cancer month. Lets make a difference.. For the people that have already bought the book I will include that amount also.. So please Help me raise funds buy a book of Billionaire’s Love..  For every Hardcopy or Paperback sold.. I will donate $1.. to help Cancer to help find a cure because every amount counts.

Now if you need to remember where  you can purchase it.. Friesens Press Website.. its’ fasters and I will see book’s being sold automatically. Amazon/Chapter-Indigo also has them.  If you prefer a signed copy, please text me or email privately that can be arrange. Shipping cost will be added. E-transfer is accepted.


978-1-4602-8520-6 Hardcover  $25.99 + taxes and shipping
978-1-4602-8521-3 Paperback $14.99 + Taxes and shipping

Help me make a difference, My goal is $500.. Maybe I can convince my man to match my goal.. so please share this let’s Make a Difference together.

So far $25.00 has been added to the cure

This is close to my heart, Cancer effects everyone, so please help me Make a difference.

Thanks all.


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