What Book are you Reading?

OK.. this time I’m asking “What is every one reading right now?” I could say Billionaire’s Love but no.. LOL.. Melody Anne… her Unexpected Hero Series.. I think I’m at book 4 Following her or is it 5? … if anyone doesn’t know Melody Anne’s books .. I recommend them.. Melody is all about Family and small community, I love her writing, she has inspired me on my writing so much. But you need to Start at the Beginning  if you want to read of her hers: The Anderson..I think it’s Billionaire Win the Game or is it Proposal..  You will fall in love with Joseph and George.. Trust me.. Yes I’m a book worm..I cannot get enough of reading. TV has become a thing of the pass for me, if I can sit down and watch 15 minutes of it I would be surprise, unless there is a good movie on.  I’m so out of tune on what is on now. If I’m not outside with Molly, or cleaning, or golfing, or doing running around for errands or  even just surfing.. That IPad, is filled with so many great books..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.. and remember.. Share Billionaire’s love — for every book that is sold, $1 will go to Cancer.. I’m at $50 right now on donation.. Still 450 more to go.. LOL.. Yeah I Girl can be optimistic about a goal right? …LOL..

thank you all who have purchased my book so far.. I’m deeply bless and grateful.

remember it’s important to write a review.. you can go on Goodread or Amazon, or google play to write a review or even on Friesens Press.. Good or bad.. it’s ok..

Cheers all…Brenda



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