Billionaire’s Love


“Meg? You don’t look so good. Is everything okay?” Maggie looked at her sister and noticed that her hands were shaking.

Megan looked at Maggie and then at Joe. Oh God, she thought. “Excuse me. I will be right back,” she said. “I just need some fresh air … it must be the champagne.”

“Meg, wait …” but before Maggie could ask her what was wrong or go after her, Joe held her back.

ok, am I starting to get to you yet! For the ones that have already read it.  I strongly recommend you write a REVIEW. For any new Author, it’s important this is how the book is rated. Amazon/kindle, Itunes, Friesen Press, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads also.  Chapter-Indigo.  this is how people are tempted if the Review is good how to you rate it.  what is the strong point, weakness but overall! Write a Review for extra change for Entry in the Giveaway of $25 dollar gift card.

Well. Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday…

What is everyone reading…  I’m reading right now J.S. Scott.  You should check out Billionaire Obsession Simon story it’s awesome.




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