I’m so blessed for my first book to come out, and it has already been three months now, they say you need to get the follow-up book out fast, but publishing is now cheap. Most important thing I believe is Editing or Content Editing to make your book a success. Which cost money, nothing is for free, you need to spend money to make money. Yeah, my philosophy! You can never get back what you invested, the 1st book it’s either going to make it or it doesn’t but you need to believe that it will make it with time.

Editing is the most important in writing. I wish I could find some kind of program or someone that could review, but who do you trust. This is all new to me and I have so many great stories to tell. I love to write and with Max and Megan was my 1st, Brandon is next, Joe right after then Henry, I’m the process of writing Josh. All these wonderful men keep coming back from book to book that is my goal. I want people to love my characters and fall for them.

Anyway if anyone out there has suggestions about Editing please let me know if there a program I can download.




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