Review time chance to win $25 Giftcard

Still, have time Review – on Facebook on my website, all I want is honesty if you have read it tell me what is missing? Feb 28 is next Tuesday Free gift card of $25 Amazon/Kobo/Itunes. Winner choice.


HI, all. Need your help – for the ones that have purchased already and read this book. Send a review on it for a chance to win $25 gift card.t Authors like is reviews. You can submit reviews on the following:

As any Authors books are view and rated by Reviews. You can submit reviews on the following:  you can click on any of the websites below by entering Billionaire’s Love by Brenda Pearson

I’m not here to judge what you say, it’s important on the rating how the book is view by you the fan’s the readers.  I’m a huge person that likes to review Authors on books that I read.

Join me on my Facebook page also or ask to join my website on I post Excerpt there on the next book so go ahead. Let your fingers do the talking write a REVIEW. I will announce the winner on February 28th.

Thank you all.

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