update Billionaire’s Forgiveness

I sometimes feel that I’m failing, but I’m not, my brain is working overtime, and I’m trying to make sense of what I want to write down on paper. Taking this book of Max and Megan and trying to get my thought of when I wrote it. I’m stuck yes, I’M trying so hard to write this second book and make it awesome. I want my readers to feel what Max is feeling towards Megan.  You have to understand that Max always got want he wanted, it’s the arrogance in him. Some people hate him, and some want to be like him, but there is a side that you do not see in book one. The side that Megan loves oh she’s no push over trust me, she can knock him down his high horse for sure. But things come at a price when you are a Billionaire, people hate you, people want to destroy you, and they will do anything to get their message across.  So be patient with me, I need to work on this, it will be awesome I promise.



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