Be Real and be yourself / awereness​

ON Author once said be yourself and be real! open up I respect this Author Holly that you for being in my life.

Lately, I’ve been withdrawn due to many issues happening in my life and I guess I’m just trying to cope with it in my own way. Without Derek’s support, I don’t think I could do it but he has been my Rock lately, and that is why I love him so much. I’ve been just an emotional wreck trying to keep a positive through everything that is going on.

Cancer, is the worst word that anyone wants to hear in their life especially if it affects, you, your friends, your loved one, your family. You see in 2016 I knew something was wrong me with – I’ve never spoken of this and I think it’s time to make every woman out there aware listen to your body. I’ve always had issues growing up with what every woman in the world has YOUR PERIOD, YOUR MENSTRUAL CIRCLE. I was the type that it was bad, massive migraine, throwing up, weak – shivering hot cold your name it I had it. It was so bad once that I became anemic, I’ve never had a blood transfusion but my blood count was low. Then my body started to change when I was in my thirties, I would skip months wouldn’t have it for 3 month s. The older I got the less I was having it – but I never had the systems of pre-menopause – I’ve passed every test possible in my 40’s thanks to a wonderful Dr. I had – she cared and she wanted to find out the reason, but all my test came back good clean bill of health. At this point, I was in my late forties and everything was fine, I’ve hadn’t had my periods or menstrual circle and I knew my body or hormones where change and health wise I’m ok. So at the age of 52, I felt that something was wrong with me but I didn’t know what it was – I was due to have my PAP test done, and just before I was due to have it. Some people might find this a little disturbing but I need to say it. It felt like I was releasing a glob of blood but it’ wasn’t red this time it was WHITE. So I knew this is wrong. I”m telling you that every WOMEN OUT THERE LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Little did I know my Dr. sent me to a specialist, they did a biopsy, this, by the way, is not the most comfortable thing to have in your vagina. let me just say and I went through a few more test. I soon found out that I had Cancer of the UTERUS. BUT MY doctor re-assured me that everything will be fine because I caught it early. So within 3 months here I was getting my Uterus and ovaries removed. Let me just say this no matter how or what cancer you have – it’s scary as shit that word is a word that no one ever wants to hear.

Not every Cancer treatment is that or could be that easy, some people fight with treatment, chemo, an everyday day people die of this disease, that takes your loved ones away from you. Could be your sister, your brother – your friend – your mother, your father, your uncle – your aunt, cousin, you name it even your dog or cat. Everyday someones lose someone close to you and how do you cope with it. You have to be strong for the people that are dealing with this deadly disease. Some are incurable, someone dear to me right now is fighting this and I know there is nothing they can do, he only has time. I have to be strong and give my full support to the family, that will lash out at each other blame someone because they are losing someone that means the world to them. BE STRONG! is the toughest word that anyone could be. Make sure you tell someone you love every day that you love them, don’t take them for granted because one day they just might not be there to say the words back.

So the morel of this story is to listen to your body if you feel that something is off don’t wait, get it checked only you know your body. Cancer in the early stages we can fight this. If you have a family history of cancer get yourself checked.


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