Welcome Saturday what you doing today?

HI all, I'm reaching out to everyone if you are in the Dartmouth side or visiting Halifax Ns. Head on over to Dartmouth Book Exchange - they are doing a Romance Book Signing with none other then Nova Scotia Best Authors.. Cathryn Fox - Michelle Helliwell - Tara Blackthorne. I'm plugging these ladies because they … Continue reading Welcome Saturday what you doing today?


Embrace it whoohoo

What beautiful morning

It's Wednesday as I drive into work the sun was rising this is the type of morning I would like to just keep driving and listening to my favourite music. With no destination in mind stop when I feel like it... ahhhhh what I wouldn't do for a day like that. Happy hump day all.

Sunday at Peggy’s Cove NS

Just a 20 minute drive to this place that made me fall in love with Nova Scotia. I know I know- seen it once why see it again. It just surreal that we live so close to such beauty. Almost 5 years now back in Nova Scotia with a lot of ups and downs but … Continue reading Sunday at Peggy’s Cove NS