Sexiness Tuesday

what inspire you when your writing your character? To me Henry Cavill is my Max hands down. Depending on the picture I'm looking at. Tell who is your favourite character❤️ Cheers Brenda

Let the week begin

little inspirational Monday. Have a good day all Cheers Brenda

How Is everyone Sunday

Mine - editing again - I'm so into this Story now invested Biilionaire's Rescue. Fixing paragragh tweaking. Even if it's a beautiful day I'm stuck inside. Hope everyone is taking advantage of the nice clear sky outside. Enjoy all.

Good morning Saturday

Where quietness fill this household this morning and doing my thing!! lol if any of you are on my author Facebook page - I've posted some pictures trying to find my next cover for BILLIONAIRE'S RESCUE.. lets have some fun this Saturday morning. I'm cleaning, editing, cleaning, editing.. doing washing.. editing today and my go … Continue reading Good morning Saturday

Happy Thursday

good morning all. Last night I felt so tired that I forget to do What's you are Reading. So you know myself am reading Ruth Cardello. One of her Bachelor Tower series Dalton. I believe the 1st book. Have a good day all