What are you reading? Happy Monday Everyone.


Sleep didn’t come easy to me last night, and I found J.S. Scott Billionaire Unloved one of the Billionaire’s Obsession Series, now readings Jeff Lawson Story.

Have a good Monday




Happy St Patrick’s Day

Now be safe, what your drinking is green – so pace yourself all.  But mostly don’t drink and drive, call a cab… get someone to pick up you. who is sober. Make this day safe. Tomorrow you will need to re-energize, Monday is just around the corner.  SO HAVE FUN ALL HAPPY ST PADDY’S DAY.img_6292

It’s done (Billionaire’s Mistake)

1st draft is done for Billionaire’s Mistake – Short story, Novella, Oh My God, Now time to correct, then I will send or find Editor to fix it – I want to do this one on my own.

I want to publish this myself, I want to do it all  – the design, the formatting, and download.  I just hope I don’t screw this up… EEEK.. I did it.. whoo hoo.




Spring forward everyone.


Losing 1-hour sleep, suck right, but it’s spring ahead, which mean, the sun rising earlier, no more going to work in the dark, you will see the early morning sunrises.

I know it’s doesn’t look like spring in Halifax, it’s Sunday, and it’s snowing again but let’s face it. Nova Scotian, we didn’t really get a winter this year. It will be over soon.

So have a wonderful Sunday all.




Tell Me what your reading?


I”m reading Liliane Hart A.J>J. Graves Mystery Series continues.. you should try it?

Happy Reading all