Quick summer news letter

Its been several weeks since I posted anything, on any platforms. I just need a break, so much is going on and to be honest my brain just shut down and body. My Wellness Business, my writing everything that I love do it has taken a back seat in my life. Work is exhausting by … Continue reading Quick summer news letter


A touch from your husband, lover, wife, partner. What does it mean to you? How Well does he or she know you? Will he or she recognized your feeling before you even do? Can he of she make your day better, by one single touch, or word? What is the best thing that your partner … Continue reading WHAT MADE YOU FALL IN LOVE?

Happy Sunday all

Billionaire's Mistake still on special till the end of the month - get your copy today on Amazon. Enjoy peaceful day and have fun.

Tuesdays thought

Every day I ask myself why? Why do I want to write? The answer for me is it's an escape. An escape to find amazing stories. But sometimes these stories don't flow like I wish the would. Many times I feel like giving up but I don't I push through it. We all go through … Continue reading Tuesdays thought

This is Molly

Good morning everyone has a fabulous Friday. Let's have fun today post your pet. This is Molly she's going to be 5 in July and that bear is her sucky bear. She takes it and sucks on the bear's nose. She falls asleep after that. She's lives people, other dogs. Loves to run free and … Continue reading This is Molly

Have a wonderful Sunday

Yesterday I did little weather wasn't great and I was so invested in reading. Even though I should have been doing some revision I didn't. It's ok to walk away not socialized on social media. Now fully energy I'm ready to start my day. It's sunny today enjoy all. Brenda