Be inspired today its Monday

Sunday chill day

Today meeting some local Authors for writing Power. I really missed thing there is so much talent here in NS that am proud to be part of . Happy Sunday all Cheers Brenda

Good morning Thursday

it's hard getting back into a schedule from vacation. When I was in Bonaire we visited the salt Flats let me say this picture is just beautiful. When the sun hits the water it becomes a blanket of crystals and the mountains behind it Yes it's salt mountains. Just a beautiful place to visit where … Continue reading Good morning Thursday

Daily Thoughts: Blog Takeover!

Hey Everyone, Starting today, Brenda is on vacation until January 19th, 2020! While she's away enjoying some good drinks with friends and the warm weather, she won't be able to post any new articles or updates. So she's entrusted me to do so, in the first-ever Brenda's Thought's blog takeover!

Sexy Tuesday

a few days ago I was chatting about who inspired your character in your book. Me it was this guy Henry Cavill is My Max Pierce in Billionaire’s Love and Forgiveness. Who inspired yours? Gif if you can? Have fabulous Sexy Tuesday Brenda

Its Friday

what is your goals for today. Well working cleaning up for one Seconcind tonight I need to finish editing my manuscripts looking for two beta readers PM me your input would be wonderful. Continuing my Pierces Series Short week I love it ❤️💋 Have a fabulous day Brenda