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Saturday morning teaser. Snippet, Billionaire’s Mistake

The bourbon was starting to warm me up, and I poured another shot into the glass, knowing that I shouldn’t, but right now it seemed to be the only thing that was warming me up. I watched as Megan took the bottle away from me. 

“First, being numb won’t help your situation. You need to be fully alert if you’re asking Max for help. Now help me with supper and I’ll text my husband.” 

She was right – if I was going into the lion’s den with Max, I needed my wits about me. I couldn’t be drunk or emotional, because Max would see right through me. 

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Billionaire’s Mistake Teaser! Available now

“Okay, spill. Tell me what’s wrong. Sit and I’ll get you something strong to drink.” 

I looked at Megan and watched her pour a dark liquid in a tumbler and set it in front of me. I took the glass and downed it. Damn thing burned all the way down, and my tongue was on fire. I watched as she refilled the glass. I knew she was waiting for me to start talking, but I needed some liquid courage. I took the refill and downed it again. It didn’t burn as bad as the first one, but as it settled deep in my stomach, I could feel my blood heating up. I looked at Megan, and I felt like crying again. I needed to find a way to buy it, but god, where in the hell was I going to get four million dollars? Rodriguez was insane. And who would pay so much for an old house in the old district anyways? I looked at the bottom of my glass and sipped the last of the liquid left in it. I took a deep breath and said, “I can’t lose my business. It’s all I have, Megan.” 


Sunday, where did the weekend go? Teaser below

Morning all, hope you’re enjoying your weekend,  I for one was really up and down, meaning up and down those stairs too many times.   LOL… got you huh!

it’s winding out there today but hopefully, it will die down, we need to winterize our stuff outside.  Derek always likes to wait to the last minute.  So have fun, get out while you can and enjoy your day.

Teaser from Billionaire’s Mistake

I kept banging my head against my steering wheel, feeling once again defeated and controlled by men. Why! Why did I keep getting burned? 

It’s not like I said, Hey guys, here I am, I’m a sucker and you can take what you want. “Fuck! NO!” I said out loud. I worked hard and trusted few, bad shit kept happening, and it was always the male genders that got the better of me. They won and I lost. 

I wiped away the tears from my face, wondering what else could go wrong as I held my head against my steering wheel. Even though I felt safe in my car talking to myself, I had a strange feeling that someone was watching me. I looked up and someone was knocking on my window. I closed my eyes and whispered, “Damn, I don’t need this now. Please go away.” Maybe if I ignored him he would leave, but I wasn’t that lucky. I took a deep breath and rolled down my window. 

“Miss, are you okay? 

I shook my head and looked at the security guard, who was just barely out of diapers and looked like he was dressed up in his dad’s too-big uniform. “What?” I could see his lips moving but I couldn’t register what he was saying. My erratic heartbeat was causing a thumping in my ears and a headache that just didn’t want to go away. 

“Are. You. Okay?” 

“I’m fine,” I told him through grinding teeth. 

“Then please stop honking your horn, I can hear you from the gate.” 

Just like that, he walked away. I gaped at him with my mouth open. “Asshole!” I whispered to myself when he was out of hearing distance. 

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Good morning all

Well, got an extra hour of sleep this morning. Rain finally stopped but the wind is still blowing, trees are now bear.  looks like a lot of racking to do, but not when it’s blowing that sucks.

  • got about 6000 words done this weekend on the next project.
  • Billionaire’s Mistake coming Soon November 10 ….eeek only one week to 6 days to go.
  • Derek went golfing, I’m going to RWAC meeting today.
  • need to rack some leaf off the deck before I leave so busy morning ahead.
  • have a wonderful Sunday all.


News Billionaire’s Mistake

HI all,

  • I will soon have all the details about Billionaire’s Mistake, Short Novella coming soon.  Should have more details come the weekend about pre-orders…
  • Launch date looking at November 10th…


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Billionaire’s Mistake Blurb

Hi all – I’ve been working for couple weeks now to write the back cover Blurb, for Billionaire’s Mistake – I’ve been toying around – So tell me what you think about this. Does it sound interesting?

When Billionaire Josh Pierce wanted something or someone, there is nothing that will stop him till he processed it. But when one sexy as sin, blond with the most beautiful smile and set of eyes he would do anything for. This woman hunted him, and his desire for her was intoxicating.  Lizzie St. John would turn him down flat, but for good reason, she didn’t trust him. When he found out that Lizzie was going to his bigger brother for help, he would do everything in his power to make sure that the one woman that he truly cared for would be happy.  But when one night of too much drinking chanced everything – the passion they once had was still burning, this woman belongs to him and he protected the people close to him.  So when he found out that someone was threatening her, he took matters into his own hands, would it be a mistake for not telling her. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her, to keep her safe, even it if meant losing her in the end or would he?

When one night of passion, to escape her troubled life, Josh Pierce was Lizzie St. John weakness. She knew from the moment he touched her that there was no turning back. One night to escape, all her troubles. To finally break away, to fall in the arms of the man, she craved for so long. Could she give him a second chance, to finally open her heart and trust him again?