Trying something New hope it works

I’m working on my website, so how would you like to get free chapters, from the new book, I know that Amazon/Itunes/Kobo/Nook/GooglePlay – will give you the sample I believe 1st Chapter.  I will give you two chapters, click on my website; and sign up.

You can also click and it will bring you directly to bookstore

What I’m reading – believe it or not I”m reading my book,  I”m my worst critic I believe, I notice one error, that I didn’t see on the final read, before signing off to print.  EMERGENCY should have been ENTRANCE, unfortunately, the Editor and myself missed it and I indicated Emergency Department.. damn I wish I would have seen it, and I apologize for the incorrect word.

Contest end MAY 30 2018 – don’t forget to sign up – change to win both copies Billionaire’s Love and Billionaire’s Forgiveness..

AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL MAJOR OUTLET, EPUB-PAPERBACK AND HARDCOPY -IF YOU read the 1st one wait till you see what happens in the conclusion.









Hope everyone having a good Sunday.

So what is everyone doing?

I just finished ready J.S. Scott Damage – Dan and Kenzie story.  Like this Series of the Walker brothers.

I wanted to do so much today, but the weather didn’t permit, besides I was going to get eating alive by the black flies.. they are pure evil piranhas that fly and take a chunk of your skin… damn they are bad her.  Cannot wait until June when they will finally be gone.

Anyway – I’m glad that tomorrow is a holiday,  woohoo.. extra sleep time.

Don’t forget – we have until May 30, to sign up on my website WWW.BPEARSONBOOKS.COM  for Newsletter, to win a copy of Billionaire’s Love and Billionaire’s Forgiveness.

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So, enjoy the rest of your Sunday all.   Cheers Brenda


Billionaire’s Love and Billionaire’s Forgiveness Hard copies.

Hi all, still have a week and a half left for a chance to win both signed copies.  It’s simple

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  • I promise you I will not hound your email box with emails.
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  • Contest End May 30 and winner will be announced on May 31st.



Billionaire’s Forgiveness Available Now.

Hi all

Go to WWW.BPEARSONBOOKS.COM and sign up for a chance to win copy Billionaire’s Love Book 1 and Billionaire’s Forgiveness Book 2.


Sign up for a Newsletter contest ends May 30, 2018




HI all I hope the link will work, I just found out that it finally downloaded and now available.

More links will open within the next forty-eight hours so be patient right now the only website you can purchase is FRIESEN PRESS which will be in US funds and on KOBO Canadian funds.  Please remember if you go on the Friesen Press website prices are based on US FUNDS.


I will be posted more as they come available

Happy reading all


Happy Monday all.

In my last book that should be coming out this week,  I truly felt like this all the time, it’s scary when you keep doubting yourself.  You just have to push through it? Have a good Monday all.