A few weeks ago, I reach out to this little bookstore in Dartmouth.  I’m new to this family of Authors and learning so much in the process.  So when Sue and Amy at Dartmouth Book Exchange, agreed to meet with me and have their first Adult Contemporary – Romance book signing I was honored that they were willing to take me on.  Thank you, Amy and Sue, I truly appreciate this it’s about getting out there and getting known.

So on August 11, 2018, between 13:00 and 16:00 for every purchase you will receive a ballot to win this beautiful gift baskets with lots of goodies inside. You will find; Sign copies of both book, t-shirt- cap, with much more inside. Buy one book get one ballot, buy both and get 3 ballots.  You can go to Dartmouth book Exchange at 1187 Cole Harbour Rd, Cole Harbour to check out this table that Sue and Amy did for me.  Once again thank you

For more details go to http://www.bpearsonbooks.com and to go Event.

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Good morning Tuesday – my goody baskets

Hi all join me on August 11th between 1300-1600 for a chance to win this amazing goody basket. One winner will be drawn. I’m still. Finished added stuff.



Tuesday Teaser


Max had never bothered with threats before. Business was business. It was always about what you knew and what you could have. He had seen it before during hostile takeovers when CEO didn’t agree with new management. This was different, personal, and he knew it. He wouldn’t sit around for people to hurt him. He took out his cell phone, took a picture of the contents, and forwarded it to his team of security. They had better find something fast or they would be replaced with someone that can do the job. If they were coming after him, his only weakness that he knew was Megan, and he wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. He put the evidence back in his pocket so he could give it to his security team in the morning.

Max held his head low. He took another deep breath and looked at his injured hand. He rubbed the top of his knuckles with his other hand to feel the cuts. Just minor, he thought. He pressed his other hand on top, feeling it, making sure nothing was broken. As he extended and flexed it, the soreness was there, but he knew it would only be bruised. Punching the wall when the nurse said was not the smartest move, but he was angry and had lost his temper.

He looked up at the nurses’ station and it was finally quiet. He tempted faith again and hoped he would get some answers without causing a scene and getting kicked out for good. As he walked toward the nurses’ station, he noticed the guards looking at him. He nodded and smiled back, meaning ‘I got this and it’s okay’. He leaned into the window and couldn’t help but watch the young nurse blushed as he smiled back at her. Yeah, I have this!he thought. His smile grew bigger and he thought he might just get some answers after all. He relaxed and showed off his dazzling smile with full wattage, the one that said, hey baby, look at me. The one that made women melt the moment they saw it. “Evening. I was wondering if there is an update on the condition of Megan Harrison.”

Max watched her, not giving away that he was holding his breath, keeping the smile on his face as he watched her turn beet red. Yes, he had that effect and he knew it. He looked at her flipping through charts as she tried to push her hair behind her ear. Then she looked up at him and her face changed. He knew he wasn’t going to get the information he wanted.

“I’m sorry, sir. I cannot give you that information unless you are family.” She looked up at him and smiled.

“That’s bullshit and you know it,” Max said through clenched teeth, trying to keep his cool. “Do you have any idea who I am? I need to talk to the supervisor in charge and now! I’ve been waiting here for hours and I need to know the status of Megan Harrison.” Max held on to the counter, hoping that he wasn’t going to lose his patience with her. He was just about to say that she was his wife when a hand touched his forearm. He turned and looked into a pair of gray eyes full of concern. “Maggie,” he whispered and pulled her into a hug.



Happy Friday night … if you’re​ looking for something to read.

Every now and then I like to reach out and tell people about Author’s I love.  J. Kenner has a Series out called; Man of the Month.

So, open a bottle of wine, go to your favorite place and I tell you-you will be hooked from the first chapter and will not put it down.

So if you don’t know who J.Kenner is, check her out (Juliekenner.com) you will be amazed at how many books she has her Stark Series once you start reading you will want more of Damien and Nikki.

Meet Reece, Mr. January… Enjoy and have a Save and happy reading


Cheers all


Thank you all.

Hi Everyone,

I want to say that I’m grateful for everyone clicking – sharing and Liking my New Website. I know it takes time to build your Author pages and it’s by sharing with people you think that might like your books.

But it’s not just about selling, it’s about creating a friendship with other people, that have the same interest as you.  I love to read, most is romance, and my favorites are H.M.Ward, Liliana Hart, J. Kenner, Melody Anne, J.S. Scott, Bella Andre. Jasinda Wilder, Ruth Cardello, Maya Banks, Juliana Stone.  See my list is getting longer, anyway I look up to these amazing women that write what I love to read, and hoping one day I will meet one of them because they so totally ROCK!

I’ve learned that even though they may have Admin people working their sites, they respond to you, that is what I love. So all I’m saying don’t stop, if your curious don’t hesitate to ask me a question, I will answer, maybe not right away because I work during the day, but I will respond if you have any questions or you’re just curious about what is coming next.

    But I’m curious to those who have read the books tell me you like or dislike.

  • What would you have done differently?
  • These stories are not just about how I’m writing, it about what you would like them to be.
  • Be honest and don’t sugar coat it, if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong how can I be a better writer.
  • I have so many stories written, which I haven’t opened in two-three years because I was working on Max and Megan.
  • The Series will continue so far I have written Brandon, I have written Joe Harrison Story, I have written a novella about Josh Pierce it just went through one Editing which I’m trying to focus on this one and get it out by end of summer.
  • So yeah I care about what you think.

This is just me saying thank you all and I appreciated everyone that is following me either it is on Twitter- Facebook – Instagram and WordPress and Goodreads.

So again, thank you all for liking and sharing I so appreciate it.





Have a wonderful Friday


Hope you all have a fabulous day?  Event coming will have more information on June 15th.

Just so you know I just finished reading the Editor’s copy of Billionaire’s Mistake will keep you posted on what is next.



Getting old

I remember – when I had lots of endurance, I would never stop till the job got done. – where has this gone.

Today I realized that – the endurance I once had is far-far away.  Even though I feel young at heart – my body is telling me otherwise. I know I didn’t do much today and it felt like I was working on the deck forever. Pulling those deck board are brutal the nails were damn long and wood was rotten.  Even Still I was able to instal new Deck board this time screwing them in not with a nail gun.  I have my work cut out for me for sure it may take me all summer at the rate I’m going but it will get done.

Bending, has become hard, once I’m down, I have bad knees and have a hard time getting up.  Where was the time where I would flip in the air and land on my feet. Now if I would try that I would fall on my face and give myself a conscious for sure… I wish I was twenty again, damn I had endurance and flexibility.

So what has changed in your life during the years what have you notice about yourself that changed.

getting old

Well I hope everyone is having a great Saturday night – now I’m taking the iPad and ready Julianna Stone.  Blackwell Series

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Winner of Giveaway May 30,​ 2018

HI, all I have sent my official through my newsletter and I’m happy to announce the Winner of signed Hardcopies of Billionaire’s Love and Billionaire’s Forgiveness.

Warrior Princess is her name

but wait I have decided because I had just a wonderful day that there is a second winner Giveaway of Paperback copy Billionaire’s Love and Billionaire’s Forgiveness.

Doris Cunning

So to the winners please reach out to claim your prize – email me.

thank you

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