Sexy Tuesday

a few days ago I was chatting about who inspired your character in your book. Me it was this guy Henry Cavill is My Max Pierce in Billionaire’s Love and Forgiveness. Who inspired yours? Gif if you can? Have fabulous Sexy Tuesday Brenda

Little sexiness Monday

Hi all, you can find Billionaire’s Mistake on all outlets. Have a little sexiness Monday. Hugs Brenda

Sunday retreat

As the hours are ticking away and Billionaire's Rescue is in it last leg. I was hoping to have finished it. It not yet. So much data to read to made cuts and rewriting but it's coming along. Thank you all for believing in me and being patient I'm hoping to get this out in … Continue reading Sunday retreat

What’s your Reading Thursday?

“Okay, if you’re ready, let’s start with your hair. What dress are you wearing?” Megan looked at Lizzie in the mirror; she didn’t get to dress up a lot, but tonight was special. “I’m wearing the red one! You know, the one with the bustier.” “Oh, you look hot in that dress; it shows off … Continue reading What’s your Reading Thursday?

What’s you’re reading Thursay

Hi all I wanted to give you excerpt of BILLIONAIRE'S LOVE. Max and Megan's story. I based my story in Montreal, Quebec, about how two people met during vacation. Was it a fling maybe, but not for Megan she fell heads overhead in love with Max Pierce. Could 3 years changes anything if they path … Continue reading What’s you’re reading Thursay

My greatest accomplishment

I never thought I would ever write not just one but published 3. I just need to find the courage to finish or the passion to finally get the 4th one out. Have amazing Wednesday Cheers Brenda

What’s you’re Reading Week #5

Hi All hope all our America Friends are having an amazing 4th of July day Celebration. This will be my last Chapter from Billionaire's Rescue. I've been struggling with this manuscript, I don't know why I love Carla and Brandon story. How the meet how them click together. Carla doesn't believe that she could attract … Continue reading What’s you’re Reading Week #5