Just love Fall weather when it’s not too cold out. Have a good Monday

it’s Monday – cannot believe it’s still 18 Celsius outside still for October – Waterfront on weekend was warm and just amazing.  There just something about Autumn – have a Fantastic Monday.



Ever Wonder if you will finally getting done?


This is so me right now.  ON Re-write 4 I’ve decided to print it and see what I’m not seeing on the screen.  To be Honest it’s working – I’m on chapter 5 – and there is so much correction to be done.  Deleted re-write, Deleted again – re-write again. It’s a long process but I’m not giving up.  So this is what I have been doing at night, I haven’t being going to the Gym as soon as supper is over and head down and into this Billionaire’s Forgiveness I want this done.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada.



Thank you Lynn and Frank for having us over on the weekend.  Thank you Cynthia and Lynn for great meal – sorry I wasn’t able to Taste the Pumpkin pie, maybe next time.  Even though we arrived late last night – thanks Derek for driving all the way back that 4 hour back to Halifax, I really appreciated it.  To my family far away thinking of hope you all are having an amazing Thanksgiving.

To Diane and Josh – for taking so good care of Molly while we were away.

I’m thankful that my life is good, my health is good and thankful for all the people that read my blog and all the new friends I’ve made.


World Teacher Day. Who inspired you?


If I think back – I would say thank you to Mr. & Mrs Moran – English Teacher  Mr. Moran for making English lit fun for Mrs. Moran for scaring us when composition was hard, I should have listen more.

To Mr. Smith – Math teacher who believed in me when I couldn’t and didn’t give up.