Let see how many people know this? tell me the movie this is from. It’s a classic


What is your favorite Christmas movie?


Tuesday, Tick Tock you ready for Christmas? I am, what about you?


To me Christmas is to spend one day with family, and have fun, not about the gifts, it’s about the time you spend together.


Christmas? what is your favorite​ memory? ​

When I was little, I remember going to my Granny place, and spend days, there.  Christmas time was fun, seeing our cousins,  our aunts, and uncles. I remember the house was always full of people.  Where we just had fun being together.  If you had to think back to where you realized that there was no Santa Claus, what would it be? To me it was Christmas-eve and all the kids had to go to bed, I was so excited that I was sleeping in my sister’s room at my Grannies place it was late and I knew that Santa was coming that night, so I stayed awake, then I heard it.  I heard noises coming from the living room, so I go up and tip-toe down the hall, it wasn’t long but I didn’t want anyone to hear me because I knew no one saw Santa he was like a ghost.  So there I was trying to not make a sound, and I knew everyone was asleep, I could hear Grandpa, snoring, and I just had to ease myself to the end of the small hallway without making a noise so I got to the opening and looked really quick, and to my surprise that I saw Granny, wrapping the gift and putting them under the tree.  I hurried back to bedroom knowing this secret, and knowing that Santa did not exist I didn’t remember if I cry and giggle but all I know is that year I got the gift I wanted it was a doll that crawled on the floor and you could give her the bottle.  I still have that doll today, she is broken up though, but it was something I just couldn’t give up.

What is your fondest memory of Christmas


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Day one of transition to the ​new system at work… What can I say… but hang in there.

Well, we made it through day one at Work with our new systems. Lot’s of frustration. f…. word… I quit…I hate this job… this is bullshit… and many others words in the vocabulary.  It’s hard to change things around when we are used to using systems that we know and move on to something new.   Things will be missed, we will try and find things, where we have not clue which key to press or where they are.  We just need to take it one day at a time, and each day will get better. IN a week or two from now we will go back and realized hey… this isn’t so bad.  Give it time, and things will work out.  Hang in there my friends, the worst day is over… today was day one and tomorrow will be another adventure.  I know a lot of people felt like this today…


Have an amazing Monday.


By the way – I figured it out – I broke through my chapter I have having issues with thank you for a wonderful Aunt that understands my story..


FOCUSING having a hard time?

I’m at a cross-road in the storyline, I”m stuck it’s frustrating as hell.  Re-Write four at chapter 14… and I’m stuck I think. The novel is writing, but I need to change a bit to keep the readers reading and wanting more.  I found this and hoping it will give me the power to write and be creative.