Happy Thursday

good morning all. Last night I felt so tired that I forget to do What's you are Reading. So you know myself am reading Ruth Cardello. One of her Bachelor Tower series Dalton. I believe the 1st book. Have a good day all

What are you Reading Thursday?

So tell me what your reading? Why did you pick up that book? Me - JS Scott right now her The Accidental Billionaire Series. I first started with Jan a few years ago. I must say I feel in-love with her writing, her family series, where Characters keep coming back and her paranomal series too. … Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

What are you Reading Thursday?

Hi all, As you all know, I love reading and writing about romance. There are so many talented men and women out there that can write a DAMN good storyline. I only wish I could be as good as my favourite Authors. My world is a chaos of everything. My daily job, then my side … Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

What’s you’re reading?

Have you ever HEARD OF MELODY ANNE - Her Billionaire's Series the ANDERSON. You will so fall in love with a meddling Joseph Anderson. After he finally got his family married off, his brother George, children married off. He found out that they had a lost brother Richard and he had children and got them … Continue reading What’s you’re reading?

What’s you’re reading Thursday

Well, I do have my favourite Authors and Ruth Cardello is one of them for sure. I've any of you read her books.. IT'S about family and how they always stick together. Yet even the ruthless arrogant billionaire can find love. When tragedy hit Sebastien Romano he focus on one thing work, and nothing will … Continue reading What’s you’re reading Thursday

What’s your Reading Thursday?

“Okay, if you’re ready, let’s start with your hair. What dress are you wearing?” Megan looked at Lizzie in the mirror; she didn’t get to dress up a lot, but tonight was special. “I’m wearing the red one! You know, the one with the bustier.” “Oh, you look hot in that dress; it shows off … Continue reading What’s your Reading Thursday?

What you’re reading Thursday?

GOOD MORNING, So what are you reading, what makes you turn that page over and over again? I've always enjoyed a good book growing up and thriller, YA, Werewolves, vampires books. But the older you get for me anyway I love romance. I keep going back to my favorite Authors, of course. (J. Kenner, HM … Continue reading What you’re reading Thursday?