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I’m afraid to open Billionaire’s  Forgiveness – yes I’m afraid to open and re- write it again I would hate to make it worse.  So I’ve decided to Read my first book to re-kindle how it was written and go from there.  Without guidance it’s hard to know if I’m doing it right. Even my brain shut it down.

Critique groups for Erotica/Contemporary writing

HI all, I’m reaching out because I was told that a critique writing group could help me. I’ve reached out but no one near me in my genre can help, so if you are willing to go to my website and send me a message.

I’m new to this so guidance would help me in the future what I’m doing wrong.

And if there is an Editor our there that is willing to mentor me or coach me I would like to hear from you.

Sunday wow already

I need a week, but I do not think a week will cut it. Between work, Housework, dog regularly on my tail. How do other Authors do it? I’m curious that is all.

Yes, I received my evaluation back from my second book even though it came back positive, it still needs work. Lately, I cannot seem to focus on it, I feel that no matter how many times I re-write it I just cannot make it better. Yes, my characters need work, and I need to be more in-tune by living the story and not telling the story. I know I will get there, but my brain cannot seem to focus on it.

This is what my Evaluation said, I’m not going to bore you will all he or she said, but I’m hopeful I can do it that is why I need a writing coach.

When Max and Megan first met, they had a passionate but short-lived love affair. Then he disappeared from her life.  Three years later, they find themselves reunited,  and discover that the passion that brought them together in the first place is still there. However, Megan also discovers some details of his history that don’t align
with the man she knows. When that history comes back to haunt them, it threatens to destroy the new life they have built for themselves.
I quite enjoyed reading the draft of your manuscript and was impressed with how you add a compelling level of suspense to a romance novel. That blend makes the story engaging and fresh, and there is a lot of potentials to be explored here.
I feel some tweaks are required to help bring out those strengths, and this evaluation is intended to help as you work through your next round of revisions.

Anyway, have an awesome day, RWAC ladies see you this afternoon.