Happy Anniversary

20 years ago this man, walk into my life when I least expected. I was always so careful and never took a chance and I was just tired of being alone. His words not mine “One day at a time and see where this goes. As long as you don’t mind a younger man. LOL.”

Little did I know that 20 years later, have moved around 5 times, and travel I couldn’t have a better man in my life. He’s kind, loving, and would slay any dragon for me or anyone that will hurt me.

Derek, thank you for being here with me, I love you who knows maybe we could have ….. SUPPER TOGETHER TONIGHT…LOL.. got you huh. Thanks Babe for being you and for putting up with my crazy ideas through the years as long as it doesn’t cost too much money huh… LOL…




Hi all I know I’ve been withdrawn from social media. But I’m still here just trying to refocus. Hope all of you will have an amazing Monday. For Kobo reader. I might have something special for you coming soon, if I get approved.

Thinking of this ocean always calm me



Working on Next book

Hi all… working on next book – Brandon and Carla. If you read Billionaire’s Love and Forgiveness – Brandon is the next book coming out. I don’t have a date yet but I’m hoping on March.

So here’s the thing what would you like to see for a hot cover for Brandon, let chose the cover together. What a chance to win the next Book, well let see how you can do.

note – Brandon is Hot, he’s the youngest of the Pierce Brother’s.

Brandon is muscular and has tattoo’s I’m not saying what kind because I’m still working on that and where they are. But Brandon has a wild side to him not like his other brothers.

I still want to the cover to be hot and sexy so what do you think you want to help me find my next cover.

Go to my Facebook page and show me your pictures who knows it could be yours I pic.

Good Morning All

Not bad having a day off after the holidays – so what to do 1st having coffee while ready Carrie Ann Ryan – her Montgomery Ink Series. Love it by the way you should check it out

today’s agenda, well reading – cleaning – writing maybe not all in that order, enjoying Music.

Have a good Friday all


cheers Brenda

Well back to normal

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. Now that we are slowly going back to our daily routine we should do something different alternate it some how.

I personally trying to be more organized at home. Work wise I am but when I get home it’s just all over the place no organization so that is my goal. What about you?

Also lots of reading