Billionaire’s Forgiveness

OMG.. I’m down to 112700 words– I’ve deleted about 4 chapters already that were just Bla..bla… wasted pages. I’ve been re-arranging the chapter content, I’m no Editor, and I know once it goes through Editing there will be more cut. I”m getting there would

  • you like a twist at the beginning of the story – I think yes, I think you guys would say… WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN… LOL… anyway working on it.



Happy Monday All! What are you reading?


Today, Vacation day for me; but few thing to do, Sun is out. Passport needs to get done, More writing to do. Finished two more Chapters yesterday. So doing good. Reading Ruth Cardello – More to Love. Oh, cannot forget about Miss Molly. Have fun all

Enjoy your Saturday.

This Weekend, working on Billionaire’s Forgiveness deadline is August 31..eeek… not sure if i will make it. But I damn will try.

What is going on: Well I have 3 day weekend … Guess I will be drinking, writing, swimming, taking care of Molly, and just maybe work on my new flowers beds. Enjoy your weekend everyone, Will keep you posted on how far I get on the book.

OH… just maybe get a Motorcycle ride if my friend is able…  Eeekk.. so looking forward to that. OH… who wants to go parachuting I’m in if anyone is willing. Just have to try that.


Kindness – Halifax Love this City.


I would like to thank those perfect Strangers that help my Mom and I when my Mom fell. This is why I love Halifax so much, people are kind and friendly and generous and the act of kindness when perfect stranger need help.  I’m proud to be living in such a great City surrounded by such kindness.  Thank you to the Strangers whoever you are. Mom is fine only her pride was hurt, not seeing that pothole in the street.

Big hugs