Modivation Thursday


Good Morning Wednesday

Last night after almost a month I finally got my word document working on my Mac. What I also found out is a lovely tool called speech. I laugh and cried at the same time. I’ve been working on Billionaire’s Rescue and I’m sorry to say but I hate what I heard so I’m back to square one sorry all delays happened and if I don’t like it you will not either.

In the meantime help me share Billionaire’s Mistake

Morning all

AT time I wish I could sleep in, but My internal clock wakes me up way too early. Yet Cleaning office getting the tax papers ready wondering how much I will be paying back the government this year. Maybe I will be lucky and get money back. It’s a nice day out, should go out and have fun, that little brain that keeps telling you get morning writing done. LOL I’m trying.

I love my Mac, but in February I did something uploaded new version and can’t access my files any longer in microsoft word – I’ve tried to figure it out by It’s just not working. I have to go to the Apple Store and have them fix it…grr.. even though they are great people I just hate to wait.

Anyway have an amazing Sunday all Derek, just ask me if I wanted to go for a ride…. hell why not. talk to you later all



It’s Friday

it’s here. Hope everyone has any awesome day. Halifax will be a wet one today so stay dry. Cheers

Good morning Tuesday. Have an awesome day all. Maybe tonight I can no I will write another chapter.



some once told me set up goal for yourself. Happy Monday all