Lazy Morning – Happy I’m off work today



Day one of transition to the ​new system at work… What can I say… but hang in there.

Well, we made it through day one at Work with our new systems. Lot’s of frustration. f…. word… I quit…I hate this job… this is bullshit… and many others words in the vocabulary.  It’s hard to change things around when we are used to using systems that we know and move on to something new.   Things will be missed, we will try and find things, where we have not clue which key to press or where they are.  We just need to take it one day at a time, and each day will get better. IN a week or two from now we will go back and realized hey… this isn’t so bad.  Give it time, and things will work out.  Hang in there my friends, the worst day is over… today was day one and tomorrow will be another adventure.  I know a lot of people felt like this today…


Billionaire’s Forgiveness

I cannot believe I”m changing this story so much from the original version, I know I needed to tweak it but this-this is different. I’ve cut so much out and re-write hopefully it will be what people will want to read.  At chapter fifteen now.. didn’t do much this week, why you say… I was just brain dead at work.  Hopefully, I can get two chapters done this weekend.


its been a crazy week at work.

friday image

Morning – I’ve been absent lately from home computer just been a crazy one at work integrating new computer software and training. So let’s just say my brain is fried at night.haven’t done anything on Billionaire’s Forgiveness this week hopefully tomorrow I can get few chapters redone.