Praise for the Pierce Brother’s Series

Praise for Billionaire’s Love:

5 stars-A Gripping Story that is Guaranteed to Keep you Flipping

“Great, well-rounded characters, and a storyline that seamlessly carries you from surf to oak-panelled boardroom, high-rise construction sites, where lives hang in the balance. An awesome delight, that will leave you…”

Kenneth Lynch

Praise for Billionaire’s Mistake:

“Engaging, novella romance story with drama, emotions, and passion. Good development in the characters. It is a well-written book. I liked reading this advanced reader’s copy of this book, a pleasure to voluntarily review it.”

Karen McDonald

Praise for Billionaire’s Mistake:

“Billionaire’s Mistake by Brenda Pearson is the story of Lizzie St. John and Joshua Pierce. Lizzie has been hurt by the men in her life and in the present day, it isn’t looking good for her. There is a chance of her losing the business she started which also caused her to be disowned by her family. When she tries to have a night to escape the stress she meets Josh who she then feels is working in the same category as the other men in her life. But Josh knows he wants Lizzie and he not stopping until he gets what he wants.”


Sissy Hicks

Praise for Billionaire’s Mistake:

“Good quick read. Like usual I picked a book in a series & started it 3rd book in first. The story was enjoyable with a definite level of heat. Lizzie & Josh were a good couple with great chemistry. I only wish the book had been a little longer to clear a few things up.”


Christina Montminy